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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PC wants no introduction. Not solely is this game in many ways higher than its wonderful predecessor Grand Theft Auto III, but it's also technically superior to the original version of Vice City that was launched on the PlayStation 2 quite a lot of months ago. Like GTAIII for the PC, Vice Metropolis is an identical to the original PS2 model by way of content, so when you've already played that version to loss of life, you will not discover the PC model to be much different. Nevertheless, the PC version of Vice Metropolis does offer enhanced visuals and controls, improved loading occasions, and some additional frills. More importantly, it presents the identical refreshingly open-ended gaming experience, which has often been reviled for its controversial subject matter, however has way more typically elicited much-deserved praise. Simply put, if by some probability you have postpone enjoying Vice City up until now, do not wait any longer.

To be clear, Vice Metropolis is an extension of Grand Theft Auto III, moderately than a totally overhauled sequel. That's undoubtedly a good thing, because GTAIII's freestyle gameplay was extremely entertaining and provided super replay worth, but still had extra potential. Gta Vice City fulfills numerous that potential, as it options improved production values (together with over eight hours of licensed music and plenty of Hollywood voice actors), new forms of drivable automobiles (bikes, helicopters, and golf carts), new weapons, better car damage modeling, indoor environments, and more.

Yet the obvious difference between GTA 3 and Vice Metropolis is that in the new game, you are in a model-new setting, a sprawling city styled after Miami, Florida, circa 1986. Laced with neon and that includes miles of beachfront property, Vice City merely appears much more nice than GTA3's oppressive New York City-impressed Liberty City. Nevertheless, like Liberty Metropolis, Vice Metropolis is definitely a den of corruption and evil. And it is your playground. You're free to roam Vice City on foot or in any method of vehicle you may get your fingers on, and you may undertake all kinds of motion-packed missions, explore the city, wreak havoc, or whatever. The sport's convincing physics and terrific ambiance make any of the large variety of actions out there in Vice Metropolis pleasurable in themselves, and even greater than the sum of their components once you put them all together. You would be exhausting-pressed to discover a single-player motion sport with extra selection than this one, and Vice Metropolis will greater than probably shock and impress you even if you happen to've already performed GTAIII to death.

Quite than put you in the function of a anonymous, voiceless antihero like GTA3, Vice City helps you to assume the role of Tommy Vercetti, a troublesome guy who has just gotten out of the slammer. He gets himself again into bother quick when a drug deal goes bad and he barely makes it out alive, so the essential plot of the sport is to get the drug a refund and take out the double-crossers. In so doing, you may get to kill all your enemies, purchase up the city's priciest scorching spots, and ultimately become Vice Metropolis's resident crime lord. Vercetti, who is expertly voiced by Ray Liotta, is a likable and memorable protagonist, and lots of the other characters he'll meet, like a crooked lawyer and a South American crime boss with an explosive temper, are additionally properly done.

Like GTA 3 for the PC, Vice Metropolis offers an immediate-replay characteristic that you should use whenever you manage to tug off a really one-of-a-form stunt, escape, or killing spree. You may even save your replays if you want. You too can create new skins for Tommy, if you wish to change his appearance for some motive (although you'll see him sporting quite a lot of outfits over the course of the game anyway). And, if all of the '80s music isn't ok for you, you'll be able to load up a bunch of MP3 files and listen to these on the radio instead. All that is icing on the cake.

After the incredible success of GTA III, it was difficult to think about Scotland-based mostly developer Rockstar North following up with a comparably excellent game, particularly after only one year. But that's what Vice City is. It's just like GTA III only as a lot as obligatory, and it boasts so much new content and so many new kinds of autos to drive and exciting missions to experience that it's actually not just an try and further money in on GTA III's success. No, that is an exceptionally good action game, whether you take into account it by itself deserves, or measure it in opposition to the incredibly excessive standards of its predecessor.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III or AMD Athlon 800MHz Processor or Intel Celeron or AMD Duron 1.2GHz Processor
8X CD-ROM Drive
915MB Hard Disk Space
32MB DirectX compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0

Recommended System Requirements:

Pentium IV or AMD Athlong XP Processor
16X CD-ROM Drive
1.55MB Hard Disk Space
64MB DirectX compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card with Surround Sound
DirectX 9.0

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Gta Vice City Screenshot

Gta Vice City Cars

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Free Full Gta Vice City Stories Game Download Ripped ~ Mediafire

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