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Angry Birds Rio PC Game
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Angry Birds Rio PC Game

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Angry Birds Rio PC GameYou guys definetly know Angry Birds Rio Game developed by Rovio, based on movie Rio. it is a little old but the gameplay modifications are nothing earth-shattering, but nonetheless, Angry Birds Rio marks the first time developer Rovio has started to make some real additions to their formula. For instance, players in Rio now must deal with obstacles and targets that swing and sway, fairly than simply constructions that crumble on impact. On the hindering facet of this equation are hanging lamps that can veer your chook astray do you have to make contact with them. On the useful facet are chains that assist platforms break one chain and gravity will cause the platform under to swing around on the chain that continues to be, hopefully pulling down the entire targets in its reach.

Players may even have the power to bounce around a bit, courtesy of inflatable rubber rings lying on the ground (these are replaced by equally bouncy mushrooms within the second chapter). As we’ve mentioned, these aren’t main additions - however they didn’t must be. They’re an ideal fit for the sequence, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.
The animations have been kicked up a minor notch as well. Little monkeys scurry about in fear as they scramble to maintain their balance when falling to their doom. Birds fly out of their cages with wings flapping wildly. The cosmetic tweaks may not have amounted to much, but for those who’ve got a watch for element you’ll appreciated the little added touches which have gone into this latest Angry Birds release.

The only major addition that will ruffle some feathers is the inclusion of a boss struggle on the end of the second chapter. Gamers will need to take out a bad white birdie (no doubt a villain of some sort within the film) that flies up and down on the screen. To defeat him, you’ll need to wreck him a number of occasions using several birds. The first birds you’ll use in this fight will be the pair of blue macaws from the film. They’re fun to use (after launching, you tap to shoot them straight across the display screen), but you’ll only get to make use of them as soon as, and solely during this last level. What’s more, you may’t actually see where the white chicken is while aiming, so ending the battle is a real hit or miss proposition. Despite this, it’s a straightforward combat that most will be able to full on their first attempt, making the entire event a bit of anti-climactic.

One thing that sets this installment aside is that the bad guys aren’t pigs. At the outset of the game, smugglers capture the angry birds and whisk them away to Rio de Janeiro. Our avian buddies can care for themselves, though, in order that they escape from their cages before the game even begins. But when they see all the other birds the smugglers have stuffed in cages and stored in their warehouse, they resolve to bust them out.

The gameplay has not changed, so within the warehouse levels you are still slinging purple, white, yellow, and blue birds at piles of materials, however this time the objective is to interrupt open cages. Several warehouse-specific obstacles come into play, like chains and lights hanging from the ceiling, each of which might get in the way of your birds’ trajectories when you’re not careful.

Angry Birds Rio PC Game

Whenever you beat the warehouse ranges, you free two blue macaws, the primary characters from the movie Rio. You additionally unlock the sport’s second episode, which has you warding off mischievous monkeys as you attempt to escape by means of the jungle. Sadly, you don’t get to fling the brand new birds till the last level, which looks like a missed opportunity. On the plus aspect, the enemy monkeys are wonderfully expressive, which makes them even more enjoyable to imperil. The ultimate degree is a cleverly-designed boss battle, which may be very cool.

Angry Birds Rio comes with 60 levels, every with hidden fruit, star rankings, and achievements- making it a extra-than-worthy buy on its own. However in keeping with the episode-select screen, new stage packs will likely be released in Might, July, October, and November. We’re no fortune tellers, however we wouldn’t maintain our breaths for updates to Angry Birds Seasons throughout that time.

It’s superb to think of just what number of hours of gaming we’ve gotten from the AngryBirds collection, and that the entire value, if you’ve bought all the video games, is simply three bucks. In case you’re a fan of the sequence, completely decide this one up. It’s simply totally different sufficient from the others to make it distinct, and it’s also a ton of fun.

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Minimum System Requirements

OS : Windows XP SP2/VISTA/ 7
CPU : 1.0 GHz
RAM : 512 MB
GRAPHIC CARDS : ANY OPEN GL 1.3 compatible.

 Angry Birds Rio Screenshots 

Angry Birds Rio Screenshot

Angry Birds Rio Screenshot

Angry Birds Rio Screenshot

Angry Birds Rio Screenshot

Angry Birds Rio Screenshot

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Free Download Angry Birds Rio PC Game Full Version ~ Mediafire

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Free Download Angry Birds Rio PC Game Full Version ~ Mediafire

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